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Almost 3 years of Harkin Headquarters.....

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I am a surfer at heart with music in my veins, Kelsey is a magpie for textiles and bowls who was built for traveling. Together we're gypsies on a path somewhere, we just don't know or care where it leads.  As long as the path is happy and harmless, its a path we will continue to follow across the ocean and land for as long as our bodies can carry us, weather it be on our old boat or in my campervan that I built years ago with my father Kevin & uncle Seany.




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  • Waunita
    Waunita says #
    Love your music, Love Celtic Thunder but miss you terribly. On my bucket list was to see you in concert so I bought LEGACY tickets
  • Bella Glenm
    Bella Glenm says #
    Hey Keith I am a longtime listener of Celtic Thunder. But really enjoy your own personal albums and songs. My five year old grandd
  • Sharon Amanda horner
    Sharon Amanda horner says #
    Just want to say Keith you have amazing and beautiful voice, I'm always watching my dvds of Celtic Thunder, your singing is out of

Farewell to Celtic Thunder.

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 Hi Everyone,

Today is a very bitter sweet day and this is not easy to say at all. It saddens me to tell you that I wont be on the road with Celtic Thunder this fall.
I love performing with Celtic Thunder and always will. I've given the past 10 years of my life to the show. And you have been there every step of the way.
I have had many laughs, tears and learned so much from it.
I was a solo artist before I joined Celtic Thunder and have always continued to do so. For the 1st time in my career after hammering at it for over 12 years I am at a point where I have to go it alone and push everything I am doing for myself as far as I can.
This isn't a final goodbye to CT... Just a break to concentrate fully on my own music. I'm sure when we work it out in our schedules, I'll be up there swinging a kilt again at some point in the near future.
I just recorded a TV special last week in LA which will be getting released with a live album. And i'm right in the middle of recording an acoustic orchestral Christmas album with Brian Byrne which will be released this Christmas with a Christmas tour! You have so much music and good news coming your way.
Thank you for everything Celtic Thunder, the music, the friends & more importantly you guys the fans.
I Love you all, and appreciate every single thing you have ever done. From just listening to my music, liking something on Facebook, to coming to my shows and grabbing my Albums.


I have worked my ass off for everything I have in my life... a lot of the time at a loss of my own with things like family, friends and personal life.  I will continue to follow my own musical path now even more.  I will have even more time to crack this thing they called the "Music Business." Stay with me for the ride.  It's gonna be fun.






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  • Annette Spicer
    Annette Spicer says #
    I remember you saying once that you would never leave CT i think it was aeound the time George died.i truly hope you achieve every
  • Patricia Lambeth
    Patricia Lambeth says #
    Like so many , I too was captivated by CT. I do wish you well in your solo endeavers, but your comment about a temporary leave of
  • Kim r
    Kim r says #
    Hoping all is great with married life. When are you coming to Pennsylvania? Will you be performing with Celtic Thunder again

Wedding Bells...

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The first day I seen her when she worked at my friends house I said that she was the one and that I would marry her.  That was before I even heard her name.  I was right.  Kelsey and I couldn't be happier and we make the best team I could ever imagine a couple could be.


I was so glad that Kelsey could come on the road with me on the “On Mercy Street tour,” because a lot of you guys got to meet her.  You guys are like an extended family to me and have stuck with me through thick and thin since the start.  I Want to say a massive thanks on behalf of Kelsey and myself as to how kind you are you the both of us.  We are forever grateful.  I truly am one of the luckiest musicians on the planet to have fans like you. I know i say it so much but I really do mean it every time.  Your dedication and loyalty to me is unbelievable.  The Harkin Army are unbelievable.



We debated forever on where we would have the wedding as we have friends everywhere across the planet…. and a few from mars as well it seems….haha.

We are going to get married in Ireland at our home in Donegal.  I have been working on an old 140 farm house for over a year now whenever I get time off with my family and pulling in as many favors as I can from friends to get the work done. Thats where we will be having the celebrations.

As you know me it will be no “ordinary,” wedding…  We are doing everything ourselves as thats the only way wet know how!


The day is going to be filled with friends, family, music, food, love and laughter.  If I could bring you all I would but… well.. you know. As you can imagine, we will have so much music on the day… I’ve written a song for the occasion with my Buddy Jack Tempchin!  No-one apart from myself and Jack have heard the song, and wont until the big day.  It will defiantly be on the next record.  It would bring a tear to a glass eye. :)


We will be getting married on Saturday July 2nd 2016.  I can hardly wait to tie the knot with this girl and also have all our friends and family from all over the world in our home in Donegal Ireland where my heart lies.  We have been working so hard to organize it but I know Its gonna be such an amazing day and i can hardly wait and watch it all come to bloom infant of my eyes.


So many of you have been asking about the big day. We only sent the invites out last week to our friends and family. We wanted to have them out before we told anyone else as you can understand.  A lot of you have been most generously asking me where you can send us gifts for our wedding.  Luckily, we already have a home full of everything we need - so have a look at this wish list below that we’ve made mainly for our friends and family! But as so many of you are really persistent!!! :) :) ....You can contribute to our dream honeymoon if ya really really want to, and from the rest of you... your kind words and blessings are massively welcomed!!!

Here is the link: www.honeyfund.com



We haven't planned exactly where we are going yet but we have handful of ideas floating around in our heads. Hopefully somewhere with no wifi, but just enough to Instagram the odd picture to keep you and our family in the loop!  

Its been a crazy ride with work the past few years and this really is the cherry on the top.





I love you all.


Keith. xox

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  • D Joy Gwilliam
    D Joy Gwilliam says #
    Sorry I am so very late in saying I wish for you both to have the everlasting love the Father has for all of us! Congratulations o
  • Bea Handschuh
    Bea Handschuh says #
    I guess I have lost my message to you but I will try to rewrite it. I have never seen a CT concert except on PBS as I was never cl
  • Bea Handschuh
    Bea Handschuh says #
    Well I feel way behind the times. First congrats on your marriage. I know you will be happy as you are a happy person. I had never

Blue Élan ~ A Long Story Short....

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Blue Élan - A Long Story Short.


Driving across America would have seemed like a tall task a few years ago…. Now I just look at it like an extended drive to work.  Getting on the road is always a relief for me.  The 3 months leading to the On Mercy Street tour were not easy. The long long LOOOONG days on the computer & phone for months on end, waiting for venues to get back to you, making sure the routing is good, that the drives aren't too long, that we can make it to the next venue in time for sound check, making sure there is enough income to keep the whole thing running. It's all left behind the second I get on the stages and do a million miles on my bus.  I Start to see all the phone calls and emails morph into an actual touring show.  And all just to sing a few songs.  There is no greater feeling of accomplishment.....


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  • Linda H
    Linda H says #
    First, congratulations to you and Kelsey! What a journey it has been from the early Celtic Thunder days to now! I wish you both
  • cris
    cris says #
    I marvel at your energy and your willingness to travel so extensively, however I fear for your future with celtic thunder since th
  • Bill Rowan
    Bill Rowan says #
    Hectic tour. Finally got to hear On Mercy Street in all its wonderful glory. Awesome job Mr. Harkin. Now a totally acoustic album

accordo.net INTERVIEW

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Hey guys so the good people of ACCORDO>NET in Italy asked me to do an interview for them, you can go on their page and have a read but its all in Italian... here is the interview in ENGLISH. I also done a small video for them that you can see on their site...








- In your bio you mention Don Henley, Glen Campbell, Tom Waits, Neil Young & Van Morrison as your main influences. How did you get in touch with the music of these classic masters?


Growing up in Ireland one is constantly surrounded by music.  It is deep in our heritage, its in our genetics. Every type of music is everywhere in Ireland.  My Dad was a guitar player and played the music scene up until he had a family.  I’d give all the credit to

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  • Sherry Boyer
    Sherry Boyer says #
    Well frist off congrats to you and Kelsey .And no matter if you go solo or with Celtic thunder I will be listening to your music .
  • Evelyn Schmitt
    Evelyn Schmitt says #
    Keith I have been a fan from the beginning of Celtic Thunder...... You are truly one of "The Great Musicians of All Time". Touchin
  • Nancy
    Nancy says #
    Keith I'm an old Celtic Thunder fan -70. I didn't recognize you on PBS Legacy I'm sorry to say. Even when I watched one of my favo