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Theres always that extra bit of pressure in the hope you don't mess something up!

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........LIFE ON THE ROAD…….


Sitting in the snow again today here in Orono ME.  Woke this morning to a white blanket surrounding the bus…. and there was me bragging about spring arriving?! Spoke too soon I guess.  It's hard to believe that tonight is show number 41 on the “VERY BEST OF TOUR.”  We are flying through the gigs at this stage.  The past 3 weeks have...

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  • Marty Haines
    Marty Haines says #
    Hi Keith- Love how you keep all of us informed of what's happening! Saw the Sarasota show, got to meet you ( photo now on desktop)
  • Debra
    Debra says #
    Looking good Mr Harkin, Loving the flashes of underwear pmpl. Your painting a brilliant - on my want list, along with everything e
  • Becca
    Becca says #
    I was at the show last night in Orono, and it was fantastic! I have been in love with Celtic Thunder since I was 13 years old, no


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Seattle has such a coolness about it.  Maybe it's the fact it has the 1st Starbucks, maybe it's the fact that it spawned Kirt Cobain or maybe it's Pike Place Market? Either way I love that city.

Myself and the Celtic Thunder crew decided to go to the market and do a flash busking mob.  I'd like to apologize in advance to the other buskers! We didn’t take any money and didn't mean to get on your turf! sorry not sorry :)  I made a movie of the whole day… with the acoustic version of Galway Girl…Decko our drummer edited it!....




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  • Sharon McDade
    Sharon McDade says #
    Love you, Keith! Thanks for the Seattle video. Saw you in L.A. at the Orpheum and haven't come back down to earth yet!! What a
  • Janene Wilcox
    Janene Wilcox says #
    thanks for your great love and joy All you bring is sooo appreciated The beauty is awesome the talent is beyond great. Thanx for
  • Janenewilcox
    Janenewilcox says #
    The Best ever

Busty Music Records.

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 **********SIGN THE DOTTED LINE**********


A lot of time spent on the tour bus this week…. Only one night in a real bed since Los Angeles.  Life on the road eh?

The last travel day was a right laugh though… We had a Celtic Thunder Soccer championship.

3 Teams, 1 winner.  Im not going to lie, it nearly killed us… Somehow our team was victorious.  I think we had a lot of luck & madness on our side, thats what pipped us over the post in the end.  There was a lot of casualties too.  If you see any of us limping or hobbling along the stage you now know why...

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  • Alicia Miller
    Alicia Miller says #
    Keith, I wish you could have known my Dad. He brought bright vivid color to watercolors here in Florida many years ago and is ver
    LENORA DORCE [ LYNN ] says #
    stop closing my facebook and get off my computer
    LENORA DORCE [ LYNN ] says #
    i;m in count me in too i know i can do it for you i would do any thing you ask of me. i'm so proud of you, you are my dream.

"Regular Joe. "

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*********************************************   Regular Joe   ************************************************




So the new website is truly up an running… What you think?  It’s been a great week of touring.  This is the 1st tour I have ever done that I have got to sleep in my own bed for 4 nights in a row.  How did that happen you say?  I flew from Colorado Springs instead of the 2 day bus ride to LA...

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  • Desiree Duke
    Desiree Duke says #
    Here is to your band and that 100 year old whiskey!!!
  • espressomama88
    espressomama88 says #
    Love the New Album name #ONMERCYSTREET I am #hash tagging the hell out of it. Thanks for sharing
  • colleen
    colleen says #
    OK did i miss something somewhere? is that a wedding ring i see on your hand Keith? how did i miss news like that?!!

My First Blog

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So the new website is finally here. Im delighted to share with you a ton of new pics, some new footage, and more Importantly the name of THE NEW ALBUM.  Last year was a crazy year of massive ups and massive downs.  My new record which I can’t wait for you to hear is defiantly the part of the year I’m most excited about.  Im back out on the road with Celtic Thunder right now. Whilst I’m on the road I’ve been busy as heck…

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  • marion pallarino
    marion pallarino says #
    So sorry to hear you had to go to the emergency room on Saturday! Glad you went to get checked out and your fine! You put a tota
  • Theresa Wilson
    Theresa Wilson says #
    I am thrilled to know that I walked that bus on that frozen night in Kansas City, we drove three hours to get there, praying all t
  • Janene wilcox
    Janene wilcox says #
    Keith Hi Man That is too cool you are doing a private concert for Sir Richard Branson on his private Island I see you. Have bee