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Blue Élan ~ A Long Story Short....

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Blue Élan ~ A Long Story Short....

Blue Élan - A Long Story Short.


Driving across America would have seemed like a tall task a few years ago…. Now I just look at it like an extended drive to work.  Getting on the road is always a relief for me.  The 3 months leading to the On Mercy Street tour were not easy. The long long LOOOONG days on the computer & phone for months on end, waiting for venues to get back to you, making sure the routing is good, that the drives aren't too long, that we can make it to the next venue in time for sound check, making sure there is enough income to keep the whole thing running. It's all left behind the second I get on the stages and do a million miles on my bus.  I Start to see all the phone calls and emails morph into an actual touring show.  And all just to sing a few songs.  There is no greater feeling of accomplishment.....



When the band arrived in LA in mid OCT 2015 we done about a dozen unannounced shows around the local LA dive bar scene (sorry we never told you,) just to get myself and the band in tip top shape before we head out on the road to play for all you beautiful people.


The Very 1st official show found us playing a sold out show at the Genghis Cohen Lounge here in LA, Where I was greeted by the folk from the most awesome record company in the World Blue Élan.  They had loved everything they heard online and wanted to come see the show in the flesh.  I had met them through the Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin who is also signed to the label. That night I was offered a new recording contract with the label,  I couldn't have been happier. Since then I have signed and we have been working very hard to have a big release on March 11th 2016 through iTunes, Barnes & Nobel and Amazon.  Its crazy how life can change that fast.  When one door closes another always opens.






Keith and Kirk Pasich owner of Blue Élan.


“SIDE STORY~ I met Jack in a thrift store in Encinitas late last summer.  He commented on my shirt and we talked for a minute and that was that.  A week later I was backstage after seeing the Zac Brown Band at Kaboo Festival in San Diego.  Who did I see but the guy from the thrift store that commented on my shirt - Jack.  Since then we have written some songs together that Jack has told me is going on his new album.  Amazing.  You may have heard one from the tour called “A Care Free Heart?”  It was jack that showed my music to Blue Élan.” Its funny, you never know who you are talking to.”



“The On Mercy Street,” tour was amazing.  You guys made every single grueling mile and joyous note worth while.  You guys, the Harkin Army are the ones that make everything it possible.  We done 58 shows in 65 days.  Trust me when I say this…. thats about as tall an order any band anywhere will do.  I also want to thank my band and crew, they made it the easiest hardest tour I’ve ever done.  I love each and every one of you mad yahoo’s.


Drums - Geoff Holdroyde

Guitar- Dave Bakey

Keys- Peter Sherridan

Bass- Vezio Bacci

Tour Manager- Gian Carlos Gadd

Merch Girl/ Shrink- Miss Kelsey Nichols.




Playing an outdoor Jam under the LA Stars.




Keith & the band on Broadway in Nashville.



I flew back to Ireland the day after the 58 show tour finished.  I got home on Christmas morning.  I was only home 2 days before i had to fly out for another show at my friend Glenn & Mindy Stearns in Jackson Hole Wyoming. It was a crazy show.  Ive never performed whilst Cirque du Soleil performers done acrobatics above me and Dick Cheney was in the crowd along with a very eclectic group of people.  My Friends Glenn & Mindy know how to party.  Thats one of the reasons why we are friends. ;)




Keith & Glenn.  New years day shenanigans


I’m now back in La on the grind.  Ducking & diving and doing what ever it takes to get “On Mercy Street” to the top.  Myself & the record company have been working on some cool gift ideas for the Harkin Army.  we were filming last week so you guys can hear all thats going on!


Well i better go and get back to it.  Tomorrow we are filming music video #3 for the new album.  So much goodness coming you way.


Thanks for the support.  You guys make it all worth while.


Love & Respect.








Final farewell on the last show.




Keith decided to do bus concerts on this tour.  Yes. Bus Concerts. did you make it to one?




Keith & Vezzio 




It may always seem planned and rehearsed, getting a set list ready moments before we go on.




The Band Modeling the Hoodies (which are now only $30 on harkinheadquarters.com)




Carlo and kelsey with the band at Niagara Falls.  We almost got the Tour bus stuck under a bridge on the way there.





There's never a dull moment.  Enrollee Philly the generator broke.  Its cool. I got this ;)








Just another TV slot.



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  • Guest
    Sharon Becht Wednesday, 17 February 2016

    I was lucky to attend a "bus concert." Most fun I've had in ages!! Love your music!! My "On Mercy Street" cd is fantastic!

  • Guest
    Cheryl Sweet Wednesday, 17 February 2016

    Hi Keith great blog, I love the new album, hope to catch one of your shows, are you planning any Canadian dates? I know our dollar sucks, hopefully I can catch one on the states side. Continued blessings and success.

  • Guest
    Mary Stewart-Morrow Wednesday, 17 February 2016

    I can't wait to get your CD, I've pre ordered it from Amazon.

  • Guest
    Trish Nelson Wednesday, 17 February 2016

    Thanks Keith for the blog. Saw the show in Canfield, Ohio. You and the band were amazing. Always great craic. Take some time for you and Kelsey. God Bless

  • Guest
    Dawn Kolakowski Sunday, 21 February 2016

    I cannot tell you how happy I am for you. I have been a fan since the first CT tour. You have made such amazing decisions with your music. Seems you have the Midas touch...Very proud to have watched you thus far...looking forward to much more.

  • Guest
    Donna Dillon Saturday, 27 February 2016

    You are such a hard worker and so talented ! You no longer look like a boy band member but a handsome grown man ! Met you Kelsey in Annapolis at the Rams head ! Gave her a blanket I made and she hugged it to her ! Great fiancé and great show ! ❤️❤️

  • Guest
    Jane Friday, 11 March 2016

    Keith I love all the songs on your On Mercy Street. You are an awesome singer. I hope sometime to see you perform live. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are the best. Stay happy and safe.

  • Guest
    Carol Cleworth Wednesday, 16 March 2016

    I was so blessed to see you in Portand on March 11th! I even got a picture with you! I was very excited that night to say the least! I even introduced myself to Kelsey. What a sweet lady! I'm so happy for you two...two extremely special people. On Mercy Street is awesome. Thanks for sharing your heart with the world and sharing all your interesting, exciting adventures. May God keep on blessing you both!

  • Guest
    Bill Rowan Sunday, 27 March 2016

    Hectic tour. Finally got to hear On Mercy Street in all its wonderful glory. Awesome job Mr. Harkin. Now a totally acoustic album would be nice for a change. And might I add that I think your songwriting has matured along the way? Your love of the music shines through your singing, both recorded or performing with CT or solo. Great thing lie ahead for you I think. Of course that is only my humble opinion.

  • Guest
    cris Wednesday, 30 March 2016

    I marvel at your energy and your willingness to travel so extensively, however I fear for your future with celtic thunder since their projected schedule also seems to be extensive. Please reassure this fan of both your individual and group efforts that you will be part of celtic thunder for this year's tour. I would not buy a ticket if I thought you were not going to be part of the shows. They are not the same without you. Thanks for all you do for music in America.

  • Guest
    Linda H Tuesday, 05 July 2016

    First, congratulations to you and Kelsey! What a journey it has been from the early Celtic Thunder days to now! I wish you both a beautiful life together and a career beyond your wildest dreams! You are an amazing talent, Keith, and yes - I've kept up with your career both CT and solo! You all became a part of "our families" as we followed you through the years. Your drive and passion is a force to reckon with ... and your story sharing and ability to bring a crowd to uncontrollable laughter ... yet in the next breath fixate on the beautiful lyrics of an old Irish song, or get lost in the music of now because of your presentation ... well, you are a natural ... and now you have a natural beauty to share the journey with. Again, wishing you both life's best and God's blessings!

  • Guest
    Marilyn Sheffield Saturday, 27 May 2017

    A Grandmother here. I haven't been found Celtic Thunder long and started listening and was hooked then you left them. I was sad about that but understood. Keith you are loaded with talent, you may not want to hear this but I think if they would have put you in movies you would become another? Hold on.. You remind me of a dark hair handsome man loaded with talent, a breath taking smile, and extremely good looks, with a boyish charm and his name was ELvis. I didn't think I would ever see another person like Elvis but I have and that is you Keith. Good luck and may God Bless you and your family. a fan.

  • Guest
    pam pursey Tuesday, 06 June 2017

    There is a program on pbs called Celtic Roots, tonight.nothing like Celtic Thunder. Your genuiene talent and endearing charm always thrilled my heart. I had to look you up. I saw your Christmas show here in Buffalo.It was splendid. Thought you were ready to leave on your own career.My thoughts prayers are with you.You see I am the mother of a tall blonde green eyed boy ( he's 31) He went through some tough times.With much grace he doing well on the Navy .You remind me of him.Charming talented.Things seemed to come easily until he just burned out. God bless amd keep you make His face to shine on you give you zHis peace.Everything we try to hold on to will someday slip away.The Eternal Love Of The True Faithful Christ is our GPs when we feel so o lost .Standstill look up He sees you He knows just what you need .He laid it all down for you at the cross. Seek Him He will meet you Buy the way watching your shows helped me as I recovered from illness and depression so thank you God Bless good night

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